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Aeaolen Kicka

Character Information:
Name: Aeaolen Kicka
-- Alias: Numerous.
Species: Korun (Balawai, adopted into a Korun family.)
-- Gender: Male
-- Age: 44 (Born 31 ABY)
Homeworld: Haruun Kal

The Character
Personality: Personality is something that cannot be summed up in one word, or something that cannot be firmly explained. It's a routine grouping of feelings, of strengths, of emotions which drive people. Aeaolen has always felt that his personality was not outwardly distinct and this is something that he struggled with since the inception of his personality. Aeaolen firmly believes in his own personal motto of "Order, Loyalty and Perseverance." he contributes this to his raising in the Ghosh Kastor which prided itself on it's military and police service.

Aeaolen believes firmly in an established hierarchy and order, which has made him somewhat a model Imperial citizen later in life. Change is something that personally scares Aeaolen though he refuses to outwardly show this fear, instead masking it with humor and jokes. Associates of Aeaolen have claimed that it is difficult to know when Aeaolen is afraid or is scared by something because he retains his composure. Order is a word that Aeaolen chooses to live by, his belief is that if chaos and anarchy reign it will ultimately lead to death and war something he believes he prevent. This has lead Aeaolen further down the path of believing in what he calls the "Imperial Peace", which essential uses force to prevent force. A routine Imperial belief.

Though Aeaolen often promotes that Imperial Citizens are trusting and caring, he trusts no one and routinely isolates himself getting to close with others for fear of having them work against him in the future or even appearing as weak if he shows them emotion. Aeaolen believes that trust is an emotion and mindset that can only be accomplished by a certain few and a select group of people after they display their loyalty to him. As one can imagine, this group is extremely limited. Though his is not trusting, Aeaolen is well liked by those who know him and is very well spoken and well connected throughout the Empire.

-- Gifted in the force
-- Martial upbringing
- -Intelligent
-- Personable
-- Well-connected

-- Ill tempered
-- Untrusting
-- Reactionary
-- Violent

Appearance: [See picture]
-- Clothing: Aeaolen is seen sporting a wide variety of robes, ornate armors and Imperial uniforms. Whenever Aeaolen is out in the field of battle or elsewhere that might require combat he wears his custom force-imbued armor.

The History
Pre-HistoryThe Kicka family moved from Coruscant to Haruun Kal after Aeaolen's father, Remus founded a new business which would transport materials from the Inner Core to the Mid Rim and based himself wherever he could afford, which was Haruun Kal on the southern, more populated section of the Mid Rim. Aeaolen was promised a decent standard of living and had a promising future as the successor to his fathers business. The move to Haruun Kal would be one that would significantly alter the life of Aeaolen if such a claim could be made. Within the initial year of moving to Haruun Kal the familys business had exploded and the shipping industry had found a new magnate, Remus Kicka. Being successful on a planet where the Galactic Federation maintained such a limited presence was problematic and Remus had to hire a personal security team for his warehouses and his family. Aeaolen attended the local academies and was always interested in the native species, the Korun who were a tribal people who Aeaolen believe epitomized warriors which Aeaolen had fascinated himself with. Haruun Kal was far removed from the galaxy in the sense that no one seemed to care about what the planet did. Throughout the Dark Nest crisis, the Second Galactic Civil war Haruun Kal was passed over and lived in relative obscurity.

Aeaolen's 13th birthday was when things began to change. Aeaolen and his family had been attending a restaurant in a local village which was noted for it's cuisine, the members of the family security team were posted throughout the village. It was a matter of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. A Gh?sh of Korun raided the village and took with it everything, including Aeaolen who was force sensitive and the Gh?sh believed he could be an asset. Captured Balawai prisoners were often executed on the spot but the elder of the Gh?sh proclaimed that Aeaolen was strong in the force and could be of use to the Gh?sh. Aeaolen was raised in traditional Korun fashion, training in taming akk dogs and various other beasts which roamed the wilds of Haruun Kal. Aeaolen was adopted in Gh?sh Kastor, which had a long history as military and police leaders in the medium sized Gh?sh and the surrounding areas. Gh?sh Kastor was warlike and violent, they believed in supremacy and dominance over their enemies. This philosophy enabled Aeaolen to create the personality which he keeps with him as an adult.

Aeaolen grew into a fierce Korun warrior and was molded by the elders of his village, though he was not an actual Korun he never claimed to be a Balawai, which was essential in forming his warrior personality. Growing up in the harsh environment of Haruun Kal inspired Aeaolen to seek out something different, something where he could make a greater difference. Haruun Kal had long been a member of the Galactic Federation and it was the New Jedi Order who Aeaolen first turned too, by visiting various officials and offices on the planet he came to learn that he was far too old to become a Jedi. At first this further inspired Aeaolen to attempt to prove himself in front of various observers sent from the Jedi Order but more and more he came to realize that they were less and less interested in him because of his age. His belief was that 21 was not to old to become a Jedi. Aeaolen eventually traveled to the Outer Rim in search of the Empire, hoping to give his believed talents to the Empire as a soldier in the Imperial Army. During his recruitment process the Council of Moffs decreed that any individual which was force sensitive was to be removed and brought before the Council immediately for either execution or use.

Aeaolen appeared before a select group of the Moff Council on Bastion and asked if he was ready to pledge fealty to the Empire. The ailing Chairman of the Council of Moffs, Varan Taluka, proposed that Aeaolen be given a special assignment seeing as his unique power in the force. Aeaolen had never succumbed to the belief that he was anything other than a standard force sensitive human, or at the very least anything "unique" as they had proscribed to him. Aeaolen agreed, eager to prove himself and his training commenced. The training of force sensitives was unusual within the Empire, it was very regimented and very goal oriented. Aeaolen was forced to work in groups with other force sensitives and was given the same training as everyone else. Aeaolen had felt as if his "special assignment" was merely a joke among the leadership to get him to agree. Aeaolen continued his training with a chip on his shoulder and he quickly found out that he was above an average force user, it was his emotion which he used to let him unlock his feelings. Along the war Chairman Taluka took a keen interest in Aeaolen's progress. Aeaolen thought nothing of it, thought it was merely him keeping track of an often overzealous young force user.

With his training complete Aeaolen was immediately taken away from his fellow classmates and brought before the Imperial Council, which was a collection of Moffs, government officials, military officers and the like who were essential the "cabinet" of the Empire and managed it's various branches. Taluka announced that Aeaolen would become the "Equerry" or personal hand of the Council. He would be responsible to them and them only, Aeaolen would be the "guiding hand" of the Empire and would report directly to the Chairman. Aeaolen was instructed that other members of the Council were to give him orders unless they were approved by him and he announced that Aeaolen was granted full force and privileges to accomplish his mission. Aeaolen was immediately dispatched to ensure that rogue elements within the military were carefully eliminated, it was something that Aeaolen found intriguing and further contributed to his belief in security and preservation of the Empire.

Aeaolen was brought into a private meeting with Taluka and himself to explain to Aeaolen that various factions within the Council and the Moff Council were now vying for control when they had heard that Taluka's health was failing. Taluka asked that Aeaolen ensure the survival of the Empire and seek out a potential new candidate for the throne, something Aeaolen was shocked to hear. Aeaolen would fight in most of the major battles that the Imperial Order fought against the New Republic; it was not enough however. Aeaolen had stood at the forefront of planning and executing operations and the New Republic always seemed to beat them. Aeaolen had chaulked this up to intelligence leaks and the fact that the leadership of the Imperial Order was nothing but, in his opinion, a bunch of fools sitting around collecting money and competing over petty fiefdoms.

After the collapse of the Imperial Order Aeaolen ventured into Sith Space and begun a search for a new reason, a new truth.

Faction: New Sith Order/Galactic Empire

Force-Sensitive? [Yes]
-Force Powers:
  • Force Speed - Intermediate
  • Force Concealment - Novice
  • Force Sense - Intermediate
  • Force Telepathy - Weak
  • Force Telekinesis - Intermediate
    -- Force Choke - Intermediate
  • Force Lighting - Expert
  • Ion Generation - Intermediate
Saber Forms: Form II: Makashi, Praetoria Ishu and Praetoria Vonil
-- Skill levels: Expert, Practitioner and Practitioner

Weapon: x1 Dark red lightsaber
Items: Aeaolen relies on his ability to procure items on the planets he lands on, if the planet is an uncivilized planet he will procure the items from the Empire before hand.
Ship (Primary): Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Palatine
Ship (Secondary): Pelta-class frigate Imperator
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"An Empire is never peaceably acquired or maintained. It is willed into existence. We are that will."

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[a]aeaolen Kicka

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Image Thank you for your submission and as a witty Sith Lord once said:
Palpatine: I expect your best service.
Mace Windu: For the Order and the Republic, I will give anything and everything, including my life.
Palpatine: Good, we may need that, too.
Enjoy. On a related note, try not to slaughter all the Jedi; some light is needed in this galaxy.

Thank You,
SW:G Community Team
"An Empire is never peaceably acquired or maintained. It is willed into existence. We are that will."

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[a]aeaolen Kicka

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    -- Appearance, added custom armor; (5/1/17)
"An Empire is never peaceably acquired or maintained. It is willed into existence. We are that will."

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